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February 19, 2020
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April 9, 2020

These New Photographers Just Joined BMA!

Our board of talented photographers just got even hotter! 🔥🔥🔥

With bucket loads of talent and extensive experience adding these 3 photographers to our BMA talent family was a no brainer.
Whether shooting fashion models or products for their clients they execute it perfectly every time.

Excited for what’s to come and all the great work we are going to do together.

Pepe A.

Pepe Arcos is a Spanish fashion photographer who lives and works in Bali.
His photographic style is heavily influenced by his love of cinema. Pepe likes to photograph his models in studio or well curated locations and he often uses elaborate lighting to create memorable cinematic photographs.
His work has been published in several editorial media and can be easily seen around Bali on Billboards or local magazines.


Gutterdust is the ‘Alias’ of the Belgium born artist Andy Wauman, currently living in Bali and has executed countless projects for international brands in fashion, lifestyle, sports, swimwear and many advertising and luxury firms.

He shoots exclusively on film, but he considers his work is much more than an artistic approach towards photography.
Gutterdust focuses on experimental photography and creative direction, through an archaic analog process splashed with light leaks, and the brush strokes of multiple over-exposures.

His images are authentic and evocative with strong scents of summer breeze and fresh cut lawn.
Producing a refined collection of wonderfully tactile textures with a top down wind in the hair feeling that he has developed throughout the years.

“Everything is Fake. All is permitted, so keep a Wishbone between your Teeth. Writing Liberty across the Sky, aiming for a Miracle.”

Oli V.

Capturing the mood and emotions of people that are passionate about life is close to Oli’s heart and something she continually works hard at illustrating.

She believes that beauty is all around us just waiting to be seen. From nature she draws a lot of inspiration as it allows her to work freely and creatively between light and dark.

Through her photography she wishes to show the unseen and the uniqueness of both human being and object.
Clients love her ability to tell interesting stories. With a passion for film, digital and underwater photography, she is able to speak and connect to a wide audience of people.
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