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These New Fashion Photographers Just Joined BMA!
February 20, 2020

These 11 New Models Just Joined BMA!

Super proud and excited to welcome these beautiful faces to our BMA family.
Amped to add to our already extensive list of awesome models.
Modeling in Bali just keeps getting better and better…

Sasha P.

Height 175cm Bust 85cm Waist 60cm Hips 89cm

Nastya B.

Height 173cm Bust 85cm Waist 59cm Hips 88cm Shoe 38

Alexandra P.

Height 172cm Bust 80cm Waist 64cm Hips 89cm Shoe 38


Height 175cm Bust 82cm Waist 64cm Hips 91cm Shoe 40


Height 172cm Bust 87cm Waist 62cm Hips 89cm Shoe 38

Alena L.

Height 180cm Bust 81cm Waist 65cm Hips 95cm Shoe 40


Height 170cm Bust 82cm Waist 62cm Hips 96cm Shoe 39

Rachid A.

Height 185cm Chest 110cm Waist 86cm Hips 110cm Shoe 44

Philip H.

Height 185cm Chest 95cm Waist 79cm Hips 97cm Shoe 43

Damian S.

Height 185cm Chest 105cm Waist 87cm Hips 98cm Shoe 42

Julien K.

Height 196cm Chest 102cm Waist 80cm Hips 104cm Shoe 45
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